research reports & insights.

Knowing you need highly specialized skills is one thing - understanding how to attract them is another. Our reports give you insights into the world of work.

country report.

Discover present day trends that will help shape your employer brand strategy and gain insight into the public perception of Hong Kong SAR's largest employers.

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company insights.

All companies surveyed have a bespoke report. How strong is your employer brand and how do you stack up against your competition?

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plugging into the candidate experience.

Our whitepaper covers case studies, insights and takeaways to improve recruiting performance and bolster brand perception by plugging into the digital candidate experience.  

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standing out.

Standing Out features interviews with HR executives from six organisations that have been consistent top scorers in the research across the globe. Learn best practices and what you can do to strengthen your company's employer brand.

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global report.

The global report takes into account all 26 countries and provides a global comparison of worker drivers, motivators, and preferences in 26 countries. 

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global IT report.

If you work in the IT industry, here’s some good news: the sector remains the most attractive globally.

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global financial services report.

High-quality talent that is needed in the industry in order to implement tech transformation is easily lured away by other players wanting the same top talent.

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global engineering report.

Employers are better positioned to attract engineering talent with greater insights into their preferences. 

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global life sciences report.

Learn more about developments in the life sciences labor market and findings reported in the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017.

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