overseas voluntary service opportunities


We know today's employees are not just interested in themselves, but also bettering the world around them. In fact, many of our employees seek fulfilling and enriching volunteer service experiences, and that is why as part of Randstad’s corporate social responsibility, we partner with international organisation, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), to enable our employees to volunteer abroad, making a difference in someone else's lives, as well as their own. Working with Randstad means that you will have an opportunity to become one of our VSO volunteers, working in partnership with local people, sharing your skills and knowledge with a community that will benefit from them long after your international placement has finished.

No matter where you are in your career journey, we aim to provide the career and lifestyle support options that enable our people to select their own paths, make their own choices and build their future the way they want to. When you work with Randstad you will have access to outstanding learning and development opportunities, world-leading thought leadership, a driven but social culture, impressive corporate benefits, work/life balance - and above all, the opportunity to flourish and advance in your career goals. 

Visit the VSO website for more information.